The best affordable WordPress Maintenance Plan!

We hear it over and over again…
We built our site with WordPress three to four years ago and now it’s a mess. Our theme is broken and hasn’t been updated in years, plugins are not up to date leaving the site vulnerable and we think our website has been compromised. Help! We don’t have the budget to redo the website this year.

We’ve seen them all… from thousands of spam comments, DDos attacks, outdated blog articles, 404 errors, no alt tags on images, site speed is terrible and let’s not even talk about how google searches your site mobile first for your google search results. This wasn’t even a concern back when you created your site and now it should be your number one action.

There are so many things that have been taking for granted that your wordpress site now is more of a hazard to your business than an asset. Keeping wordpress up to date is crucial to staying safe and bug free. Watching your site is crucial 

Your technical agency available 24/7 with expertise all things wordpress and woocommerce. 

Woocommerce Maintenance Plan

If you are using woocommerce as your ecommerce website than website maintenance is even more important than ever! Number one thing you don’t want your customer data getting into the hands of someone else.


One plan to rule them all!

A lot of companies offer multiple levels of WordPress maintenance. We offer one. Our reason is simple, in order to keep your site is tip top shape and perform… you need to do it all. 

Included in the monthly maintenance program:

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